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ATTENTION: Chiropractors who are serious about Growing Your Practice...
Discover The one simple marketing Campaign that is generating 138 qualified chiropractic leads per month on autopilot...
The Chiro Growth Secrets Program gives you everything you need to generate new patients on demand.
✓ Guaranteed Leads
✓ 8-Figure Elite Marketing Team
✓ Quality Local Leads
✓ Proven System
Some of our recent clients...

New Free Bonus Added!

Free CRM Suite!

For a limited time, we are now giving you a complete, CRM Suite of tools for managing your leads, full 2-way communications, sales pipeline, online scheduling, and much more!

In a recent case study of clients using the online scheduling feature of the CRM tools, we found that...

36% - 57% of new incoming chiro leads are self-booking their own consults with these tools!

How would you like to have 1/3 to 1/2 of all of your leads automatically booking a consult with you?

What Is
Chiro Growth Secrets?
Done-For-You Chiropractic Lead Generation
A complete, turn-key lead generation program to bring qualified leads to you based on a tested & proven system.
Brand Positioning & Sales Training
You'll get access to never-before-seen training videos and materials to help you know exactly what your leads are looking for, and help your staff close more deals.
Personal One-On-One Coaching
We make ourselves available for regular calls and troubleshooting any time you have a question or concern about your campaign.
The Chiro Growth Secrets Program is much more than just a tested and proven system for delivering high quality chiropractic leads on demand for your practice.

You're also getting one-on-one coaching for greater success with your lead generation program. You're getting great training on how to position your practice in a way that clearly sets you apart from your competition. And you're also getting sales team training and strategies on how to contact and close more patients on care.
Scroll Down The Page To See Exactly What You're Getting With This One-Of-A-Kind Program!
We'll Let The Results Speak For Themselves...
The Chiro Growth Secrets Program Generated An Average of 138 Qualified Chiropractic Leads Per Month Across Multiple Clinic Locations
We ran a 3 1/2 month test in 3 different small town, rural chiropractic practices just to see if the numbers would remain consistent across multiple clients. Click the thumbnail image to see a full size PDF of the actual screenshots from the Facebook ad accounts.
What You're Getting In The
Chiro Growth Secrets Package:
Custom Branded Patient Engagement Funnel
Custom marketing funnels are our core expertise. We've generated tens of millions for our medical clients with these funnels. This one is tested & proven to delvier results.
Tested & Proven Facebook Ad Campaign - Completely Done For You
We spend over $1.5 million per year on the Facebook platform. We have the experience & expertise to create winning campaigns.
Facebook Retargeting Campaign
Not everyone will convert on their first visit. So we build retargeting campaigns to stay in front of the people who have already expressed an interest.
Deadline Based Email Campaign
Lead nurturing email campaigns that highlight the urgency of coming in for a consult right away before the special offer runs out.
Synchronized Countdown Timers
We place countdown timers on the Thank You page as well as the emails to remind prospects that they need to act quickly.
"Icing on the Cake" Secret Recipe
Our "secret sauce" that ensures that your prospects show up for their consults. People hate missing out on a great deal!
Ad Campaign Split Testing & Optimization
We're constantly testing new ads, images, videos, headlines, landing page, etc. to ensure that our campaigns stay fresh and deliver the best results.
Complete Turn-Key Campaign Management
We take care of building and managing everything so you can focus on closing more patients on a care plan.
Detailed Campaign Reporting & Analysis
You'll always be up to date with the results of your campaign and know where each new prospect is coming from with our detailed reports.
"Blue Ocean" Brand Positioning 
An exclusive training series for doctors, owners and managers on how to truly set your practice apart from the competition and stand out in your market as the top dog.
Staff Sales Training
We provide training to your sales staff to help them know exactly what their prospects are looking for as well as tips & guides on getting patients into consults and closing more sales.
Personal 1 on 1 Coaching
Have a question about your campaign? You can simply pick up the phone & call us any time to troubleshoot any issues, or just get tips & advice on how to close more sales.
What People Are Saying:
"They get involved with the leads and nurture them so that they become REAL leads and show up for the consultation. I have spent lots of time and money to train sales people how to bring the lead temperature from cold to warm to hot over the years. These guys do it almost turn-key!"
- Mike Bergman, 
Comprehensive Healthcare
“The Grow Smart team is attentive to every aspect of your account and genuinely wants the best results for your business. They are extremely communicative and we are so grateful to be working with them. Top notch customer service!” 
- Ana Goltermann, 
OC Wellness
“I’ve used many other marketing companies and no one comes close to Grow Smart Marketing. The quality, the caliber of the leads, and the overall presentation are amazing. I guarantee you’re going to be extremely happy.” 
- Dr. Jon Brunelle, 
Spectrum Pain Management
Who Is
Grow Smart Marketing?
For the past 7 years, we’ve been quietly building some of the most comprehensive and effective marketing systems with leading medical practices throughout the country. 

Over the past 2 years, we've invested over $2.6 million on just the Facebook platform, running direct response ads for our doctors. And that doesn’t count Google AdWords, search optimization, banner ads, or any other platform.

We've made our clients tens of millions of dollars in new patient sales.

Along the way, we've learned what works... and what doesn't.

Let us put that experience to work for you, helping you grow your practice to the place that you always knew was possible.
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